About Us

Lena Mulcahy, Founder & Gifter Extraordinaire

Hi! I’m Lena. I am wired with positivity and love to shower my friends with gifts to nurture them. I’m a serial giver, I confess. Since the pandemic started, I have learned to be a receiver as well. That process has allowed me to fully realize the healing and restorative power of sharing gifts with friends and loved ones.

Five years ago, I moved to St. Augustine, Florida to live the dream by the ocean. The therapeutic value of sunshine and salt air never cease to amaze me. St. Augustine is a beautiful town filled with history, charm, and unique items.  We’ve curated a few of our favorite treasures for you!

Sharing Sunshine is a platform through which we will pour our love and passion for gift giving, travel, art, and food. Each gift will be packaged with care and filled with sunny energy for you. We choose to work with unique suppliers, small businesses, artisans, and local vendors. I can’t wait to empower you on your gift giving adventure. Get ready to bask in the warmth of a gift well chosen.

Donna Coraluzzo, Director of Logistical Magic

My first challenge working for Sharing Sunshine was deciding on a job title since I also liked "Coordinator of Exceptional Customer Contentment". Either way, nothing pleases me more than dazzling customers with a magnificent shopping experience because I've paid super close attention to the countless logistics of this awesome new company... managing inventory, scheduling deliveries, packing boxes, creating product descriptions, keeping the air plants alive, etc.

I've always loved breaking down a large task into its tiniest components and finding ways to further streamline and improve the value of each individual part in order to end up with the best overall outcome. As I close each box for the final time before it's shipped, I issue a quiet, heartfelt call to action - instructing that box to go out into the big world and share sunshine.

Perfectionist? Idealist? I'm not sure. What I do know is that working at Sharing Sunshine is a perfect fit for me. When your box goes out the door, I'm confident that we've done everything possible to make it the best product, experience, and gift possible. That, to me, is highly satisfying!

Natalie Gilliam, Instagram Queen

As Sharing Sunshine’s Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, my goal is to add some sunshine and positivity to that little black rectangle we all find ourselves staring into. Whether Facebook or Instagram is your platform of choice, I promise to bring you the inspirational quotes, the bright and colorful products, and gift ideas that will make sharing sunshine with your tribe much easier. 

 I believe social media should be interactive and fun for the user. See something you like on our Instagram grid? Just leave me a comment and I will let you know the exact box where you can find it. Looking for a gift for that friend who is really hard to buy for? Send me a DM and we’ll work together to match the perfect box. 

Don't forget to follow us so that you can be one of the first to see our new releases!

Tipsy Doodle

Our team couldn't function without the unconditional support that we get from this little lovin's. Tipsy has been with us every step of the way - quality controlling our lunches, advising when we REALLY need a break, and making sure we step outside to enjoy the sunshine every now and again.

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